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Batta Delivery is Your one-stop shop for fresh goodies & local treasures. We deliver groceries with love, support small businesses, and celebrate the art of local craftsmen.

BATTA Customer

This category is perfect for folks who want to make their shopping experience a breeze. With Batta Customer, you can order all sorts of goodies from local shops and businesses right from your phone. It’s easy to browse, order, and pay for your favorite items in the app.


If you’re a local business owner, Batta Shop is your new best friend. This category lets you showcase your products or services on the app, reaching a broader audience. Plus, you can efficiently manage orders and keep track of your inventory.

BATTA Hero Rider

Are you an adventurer at heart? Batta Delivery Heroes is for those who love hitting the road. As a delivery hero, you pick up orders from local shops and bring smiles to customers’ faces. It’s a flexible way to earn and support local businesses, and you’ll always have your trusty GPS guiding the way.

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